Mr. Naveen Agrawal

Director Manufacturing

Mr. Naveen Agarwal has over 10 years of experience in the areas of trading, logistics, manufacturing and administration. He is on the directorial team of Worlds Window Impex India Private Limited (WWIIPL), and also handles the Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) business. He manages production, marketing and finance in entirety.

Mr. Ajay Khera

Vice President

Mr. Khera has around twenty-nine years of experience in warehousing and logistics. He has not only planned the construction programme of Container Freight Stations, Inland Container Depots, and warehouses but also strategised the group’s future growth path. He has facilitated WWG’sentry into container train operations, helping the group achieve the ISO-9002 certification for the Container Freight Stations at Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Navi Mumbai.


Mr. Siddharth C. Jena

CEO, Seagull Maritime Agencies

Siddharth Charan Jena is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is the current Chief Executive Officer and Director of Seagull Maritime Agencies.

Mr. Rajiv Kochhar

Vice President (Commercial & Projects)

He has more than 35 years of experience in infrastructure and logistics. His 30 years of association with CONCOR/ Railways included a 3 year service as General Manager. He has also worked as a core team member in setting up a Logistics Park/ICD for Adani Logistics Private Limited. Mr. Kochhar is a renowned figure in the industry with vast experience in commercial terminal operations.