“dātavyam iti yad dānaṁ dīyate ‘nupakāriṇe
deśhe kāle cha pātre cha tad dānaṁ sāttvikaṁ smṛitam”

– Verse 17.0 The Bhagwat Geeta

The verse translates to “Charity given to a worthy person simply because it is right to give, without consideration of anything in return, at the proper time and in the proper place, is stated to be in the mode of goodness.”

We are society and the society is from us. Hence we feel it is our duty to give to the society and contribute to its development. WWG is a part of many initiatives some of which are highlighted below-


Life Skills and Permanent Happiness Teachings

As part of imparting holistic and all-round life education to all our members, Worlds Window Group incorporates the ethical principles found in the Bhagavad Gita into business leadership in the organisation. We conduct talks in ethic and value education with emphasis on keeping an un-agitated yet firm mind, and finding contentment in one’s own duty. These talks on seeking permanent happiness help administrators of our businesses in enhancing employee satisfaction, fostering a team spirit; they help instill life education in our members, an education far beyond academic or skill enhancement.

Food relief for children

Twenty years ago, our Founding Chairman Piyoosh Goyal was approached by a social worker for funds to feed 60 children. As the number of children increased, so did the demand for funds; it became increasingly evident that a single social worker’s initiative would not be able to sustain the food relief program. Piyoosh Goyal agreed to sponsor this initiative and soon the scheme of midday meals became a roaring success- the number of children increased from 60 to 600. Eventually, by sponsoring the scaling up of this initiative, we were able to scale it up to 10 lakh children every day. This food relief initiative eventually merged with the Indian government’s mid-day meal scheme.

Mobile van to distribute medicines

The Ila Trust was founded in 1994- this trust manages mobile clinics that service the neglected and the under-privileged. Worlds Window Group supports the Ila Trust in this worthy endeavour and with the help of doctors and technicians in Guwahati, we were able to launch the first ambulance of this initiative. In 2003, Delhi received its first mobile clinic with two doctors and a nurse on board. Today, Ila Trust has three mobile clinics, eleven doctors, four pharmacists, six screeners, three drivers and administration staff, working within several Delhi slums. In a single day, a panel of 5 doctors, 3 screeners, 2 pharmacists are able to provide medical services to approximately 400 to 500 patients.