To give real service you must add something, which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. – Don Alden Adams

The belief system and core values of WWG are summed up in these lines. It all began eight years ago during an envisioning exercise, discussing about how to increase targets for various Worlds Window Group businesses. Piyoosh Goyal – founder of WWG, stopped the session midway. He wanted to reflect on what lay at the heart of those businesses and how those could be looked at, differently. With a lot of thought and contemplation, after two days, the management reframed the way WWG was handling its business. Numbers were no longer the most
important thing. Moving ahead with honesty, simplicity and sincerity was.
Respecting others was; and we are not talking about the customer or the
employee alone. 


Based on these simple premises, stemmed the core value of respecting one and all. A company can progress in a positive direction only if its employees are happy. At WWG equal opportunities are given to all – irrespective of religion, caste or creed. The practice of diversity and inclusiveness in the company gives the employees better opportunities to showcase their talent. The skills that an employee came with were not the skills that they ever left with (if they ever did leave). Training programmes, consultations and workshops held from time to time – there are constant opportunities for learning. This obviously, helps the team in striving towards excellence by continually expanding their skills.


WWG has contented employees, who in turn, work towards customer satisfaction. They deliver beyond the promised deal. They do not believe in creating the demand-supply chain, but instead, work on their values, to pull the customer back towards them instead of merely pushing sales to customer.


And so, delivering more than promised, striving for excellence, respecting everybody, and creating opportunities for learning became the four pillars of our values at Worlds Window Group. And ever since that day, these four key values have continued to govern us.

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