Seagull Maritime Agencies Delivers Electricity to Comoros Islands

Worlds Window Group’s company Seagull Maritime Agencies was commissioned with a never-before challenge – In a World Bank project, the Union of Comoros, an island country in the Indian Ocean, was to be powered with electricity. For this, Seagull Maritime Agencies was hired and a cargo of 5 transformers, 5 alternators, 5 accessories, that is, a total cargo worth 60 million dollars had to be shipped from Mumbai to Kenya and then finally to Comoros.

Seagull Maritime loaded the entire cargo in the mother vessel at Mumbai port, for Kenya. Once the cargo landed in Comarco’s private jetty in Kenya, the cargo had to be moved from the mother vessel to the Barge boat.

<photo – partially filled barge>

In the Kenyan private jetty <>itself, Seagull experts added two trailer trucks and one crane for transportation; these were to be returned on the voyage back.

The Comoros islands are situated off the southeast part of the African continent in the Indian Ocean. When the vessel reached Moroni island docks, the team realised that during low tide, the water levels were so low that the ship sank into the ground.

We have a situation!

The experts at Seagull Maritime Agencies realised that considering the vessel sank too low during low tide, they can only work in the night when the tide was the absolute highest. During high tide, when the water levels increased and the ships rose in height due to buoyancy, a ramp was rolled out. This ramp could now take the transformer to the land. Needless to say, this was one hard task. Because if the water level went low, then the ramp would become inclined, like an elephant on a seesaw. This meant that the cargo load on the ramp would roll back dangerously until the water levels rose back up making the ramp flat.

Once the 75 tonne transformer was taken out of the vessel, long-armed cranes then picked up the load to move it to the trailer truck.

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